I have never taken any exercise, except sleeping and resting, and I never intend to take any. Mark Twain – Author

Working extra movement into our lives is not easy in our modern communities.  In many places walking is discouraged by the lack of sidewalks and safe walking trails. Green space is sacrificed for even more building development, and there are few parks for children and adults alike to walk and play.

The price of fitness programs and gyms can be prohibitive to people struggling to make ends meet. Shift work encroaches on normal family living, and parents sacrifice their activity time for time spent inside just to see their children before tucking them into bed.

The way people have been overworked in their jobs by companies determined to squeeze every last ounce of energy from them leaves them too tired to go out again. Requests for more overtime at work and lengthy commutes eat into their potential time for activity as well. So instead, they slouch exhausted in front of the television for a blessed relief before they sleep and wake tomorrow to do it all again.

All over the world, people are living like hamsters on a wheel, just trying to provide the essentials for themselves and their families, and caring for their own bodies falls lower and lower on their priority list.

Effective repair

  1. Figure out one part of your day, no matter how small, in which you could take yourself and your family outdoors for a bit of physical exercise.
  2. Start small. Even if it’s only a Sunday afternoon outing, it’s better than nothing.
  3. Try walking home from work one night a week or take the family for a walk in the park on Saturday morning.
  4. Walk up the stairs at work instead of taking an elevator. Park as far away from the door as possible when you go to the supermarket.

The important thing now is that you try. We know you can’t completely change your life on a whim. But when your car is on empty and you’re short of cash, how many times have you just put €20 in to tide you over to the next payday?

One evening of exercise, one run up the stairs at your workplace, or one walk around your neighborhood with your children is the beginning of filling up your personal energy tank again.

You can get started today.


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