The air that you breathe, the water you drink, the chemicals used to produce our food and our home cleaning products are all potential sources of toxins in our bodies.

Fortunately, our bodies are remarkably effective at dispensing with harmful toxins through our built-in defense systems. For example, our lungs clean the air we take in, our liver and kidneys remove harmful substances and have them excreted from the body, and even our skin helps dispel bad things through its pores in the form of perspiration.

Your liver is the big powerhouse to process foods, as well as process all the toxins that we know. So if you can eat foods that support your liver function, you’ll actually have a better processPATTI MILLIGAN

But if you ingest toxins at an alarming rate, you risk overloading your own cleaning and filtering systems and causing a breakdown.

There are natural ways you can assist your own cleansing system to eliminate toxins. By eating lots of fiber rich food like raw fruits and vegetables you can hasten the removal of waste from your intestines and colon. By spending timein a steam bath or sauna, you encourage your skin’s pores to open wide and excrete toxins.

Certain common foods have been found to possess purifying qualities in our bodies. Garlic is thought to help purify the blood, and garlic and ginger have natural detoxification properties. The acidity of lemon juice is useful in aiding digestion and cleansing the colon.

Ingesting bacteria in the form of yogurt is also useful in clearing out the bad bacteria in your colon.

Another natural detoxification aid is exercise. Because it promotes perspiration as our circulatory system heats up, it is an effective natural system for eliminating harmful toxins.

Drinking lots of water (up to 13 glasses a day) also helps your body stay hydrated and allows toxins to be removed more effectively.

Some health centers offer special detox diets and supplements and procedures to work to eliminate harmful toxins from your body. Much of the science in this regard is still sketchy, and it is best to seek the advice of your physician first before embarking on this course.

The Mayo Clinic1experts encourage consumption of a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains as opposed to a severely restrictive plan that can cause weakness or even dehydration.

They remind us that we can trust our liver and kidneys to filter the toxins that enter our body without resorting to extreme measures.

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